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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Story day 5

Foreword: Wow, almost a hundred views on this story already. People must really like this thing! Thank you, readers! This means something to me as a writer here that people are interested in a work of mine and that it helps to know that maybe there are people out there going through what I'm going through. It's a possibility. Stay purr-fect everyone! -Arcus

Actual story:

Later in the day as the sun was about to set and the orange rays of the final hours of the sun shone through all of the windows in the house and as Susie was curled up on a bed by a larger window sill suitable for even humans to sit on, as noted by the pile of magazines and romance novels that were placed in a shelf under the window sill, she got up and stretched her legs as far as they could go and she let out a great big yawn and the first thing she noticed with her little peepers was Cupcake sitting not too far away from her grooming himself as normal cats would. She then noticed something sparkle and glint around his neck. It appeared to be a yellow collar (Of course it's yellow, you know who's writing this thing?) with a small golden spherical bell that chimed softly as Cupcake moved. Hearing the soft tingling of the bell reminded Susie then of here days growing up with her litter. She didn't remember much, but what she did remember was that her mother also wore a collar with the same kind of bell on it around her own neck and she was quite fond of hearing it every now and then as her mother moved ever so slightly while her and the rest of her litter suckled milk from her or whenever her mother would groom her. She could still remember the feel of her mother's warm tongue stroking her back as she was gently groomed and could remember the faint smell of her mother's breath as well. It always smelled of fine caviar and fresh tuna. At that second she recalled smelling her mother's breath, she then remembered the first time she was introduced to real food. It was caviar, of course, of the finest variety no less. She remembered the exquisite fishy taste of the high quality fish egg caviar. It instantly became her favorite and was a daily delight to her whilst growing up. At the moment she returned to reality, she then frowned at the stark reality of never having such fine dining pleasure. Or ever having her loving mother either. The rest, she did not remember, but she only remembered that one by one, her entire family disappeared as strange humans came and grabbed them up. She was the last to go, but unfortunately never found a loving home immediately. Instead, she was sent off to a local animal shelter and there she waited until the present time of this lovely day. "Hey you." Susie then said to the grooming Cupcake.

"Hm? What?" Cupcake stopped grooming himself and looked to Susie.

"Um.... Does...Tracy ever bring home caviar?" Susie asked almost shyly.

"Um... I... I have no idea what.... that is." Cupcake answered, a quiver in his voice as he started shaking. His shaking then followed by tightening himself up and breathing more shallowly, quickening his breaths.

"What the? I only asked a question, what's wrong with you? Honestly, you common cats disturb me." Susie quickly jumped off her window sill and walked by Cupcake who now got into a fit of loud sobbing that soon alerted Tracy as she had just walked in the door from her job.

"Oh my god, Cupcake! What's wrong? I'm here, calm down now." Tracy asked with worry in her voice.

"I....I can't.... I can't breathe, Tracy!" Cupcake moaned over his loud sobbing.

''Deep breaths. Do it with me. In....Out....In....Out." Tracy breathing in and breathing out with her belly and poking Cupcakes belly to try and coerce him into doing the same. Cupcake slowly but surely stopped crying as he started to imitate Tracy's deep breathing exercise. It took a few minutes and some shooing away of Chunky who heard them and was curious. Eventually the little golden blonde kitty calmed down as he was nestled tightly in Tracy's arms against her chest as she slowly rocked back and forth on her knees as she was kneeling down to calm Cupcake down.

"Are you all better now. Cupcake?"

"Y...Yes.... I think."

"Can you tell me what happened? Did Susie insult you at all?"

"No...I just heard her and I started to feel my chest tighten again and my breathing got difficult. I was overcame with a wave of sadness. I just had to cry. I don't know why. That also rhymed."

"Cupcake, listen, I'm looking into therapists, right? I've been talking to my coworkers and they all say that we should give a therapist by the name of Doctor Turnip a try. Should we give him a call at all?"

"I don't know. I don't think I can do it, Tracy. But I think I need someone to talk to."

"Okay, I'll give him a call tomorrow then. I'm off work tomorrow so I'll be here for you, okay?"

"Okay, Tracy.

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