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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Story day 7

Foreword: FINALLY!!!! I reread the Cupcake story up to now and I can finally give you all, all of you darling readers a full week of Cupcake sweetness! Oh goodness, it's been so long!

"Story proper":

"I want you to breathe deeply. Take big, deep breaths. Calm yourself down now, Cupcake." Dr. Turnip said in a calm, reassuring voice, taking deep breaths himself to demonstrate to Cupcake who, in turn, tarts to take deep breaths oover his sobbing which eventually recedes as he sits against Tracy, still shaking and practicing deep breathing.

"You're doing great, Cupcake. I'm proud of you. Are you calm now?" Tracy asked Cupcake while still petting him, scratching behind his ears and under his chin as his breathing starts to calm down.

"I think I'm fine."

"Good, you were able to calm yourself down now. We can continue the session properly now."

The session from there on went smoothly, with Dr. Turnip making puns and jokes every now and again and putting Cupcake at ease and even making him smile at times. After the session was over, Tracy booked another appointment, left the office and took Cupcake home.

Upon arriving at the house, Chunky came to the door to greet Tracy, with Cupcake's stuff cat in his mouth, which he puts in front of Cupcake. Cupcake then looking at the toy quizzically and up to Chunky. "Um... It smelled like you, so I figured you'd want it when you came home. I wasn't trying to be mean at all, I swear. I just want to be your friend, Cup." Chunky said with a rather shy voice as he then looks up to Tracy.

"Thank you, that's very nice of you, Chunky" Tracy replied as she bent down to pet Chunky and Cupcake picked his toy up and carried it over to the living room's window sill where sat down with toy in his arms to watch the birds fluttering about in the afternoon sunshine.

"Was I right to do that, Trace?"

"I think so. I'm sure Cupcake was looking forward to seeing Carl again after what he's been through today."

"Where did you guys go anyway? Somewhere tough for him?"

"In a way, it was tough for him, but I'm sure he'll become used to it. He's going to see a therapist now. Wouldn't you believe his therapist is a cat just like you guys? Sure surprised me. Now, want a snack?"

"Oh cool, a cat therapist. Yeah! I want a snack, Tracy! A celebration for Cup!"

Tracy laughed as she went to the kitchen with Chunky excitedly padding behind her, and on the window sill, Cupcake let out a deep sigh before turning to his inanimate companion.

"You know, Carl? I think I can get through this whatever it is I have going on. I believe that with Dr. Turnip's help and Tracy's help and even Chunky's help, I can get through this uneasiness and feel better, like my old self again. And then maybe, just maybe, we can become friends with our new housemates. Look forward to, buddy. It'll be a long, arduous journey, but with you at my side and everyone I know helping me however they can, I'll become my old self again, heck, maybe even a new cat entirely. Just wait and see, Carl." Cupcake smiled as he watched the birds fly around the bird bath in the front yard and hugged his toy cat to himself, with new found resolve, he vows to get better. Let's all cheer for Cupcake.

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