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Thursday, September 18, 2014


In an effort to write more, I decided to make a story about a little cat named Cupcake who was anxious. Why, you might ask? That is because I've been more open with my love of felines recently and while I have social anxiety and depression, I thought I could transpose that to a fictional feline whose journey to wellness that we all could follow through this blog. So everyone get the bookmarks on this one because good ol' Ryan is back in the writer's saddle once again!
     To answer where I've been all this time, I can say that I've been taking a break from Facebook because it sort of made me feel bad to go on it. I have been on Twitter though. You all can follow me @CookieArcus on there and see what I'm up to there. I'm on there pretty regularly nowadays so if you guys really want to see what I've been up to and sort of stalk me while I play Minecraft, since I mostly tweet about my minecraft adventures and discoveries, you can feel free to do so there. Don't have a Tweety Box? Ah, just bookmark my twitter feed if you want. No need to sign up for Twitter to really gain insight to my antics there. Anyway, that's all for this post, everyone! Good to be back in the saddle again and I hope you'll all enjoy what I'll have to offer in the very near future.

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