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Friday, September 19, 2014

Story proper day 1

There one was a cat named Cupcake. He was a little fluffy thing with fur that was golden blonde, just like a vanilla cupcake and the biggest, brightest blue eyes anyone could ever stare into in wonder at. He was separated from his litter very young and raised by his sole owner, a woman named Tracy. He grew up in her house living a moderately happy lifestyle and was comfortable living by himself with only his owner being around to play with him whenever she wasn't at her job. One day, Tracy decided to bring home three new cats, each about Cupcake's age. Before Tracy could introduce Cupcake to any of them, he started to feel a certain tightness in his little chest and suddenly felt short of breath, as if his little heart had stopped. Tracy initially paid no mind as she was busy opening up the new cats' crates and Cupcake quickly ran out of the room to hide. One of the new cats, a large, round and chubby grey cat came walking out of his cage and started sniffing the floor and looked on in a slight worry before turning back to Tracy and saying "I thought you said you had a cat I could play with, Tracy. I smell him, but I don't see him."

"He's probably playing hide and seek, he'll be out to play eventually." Tracy replied.

"Well if he's playing hide and seek, he's already winning!"

Tracy then opened up the second of the three crates and an all white cat with the most luxurious green eyes came trouncing out. This one had a pink collar around its neck as if to say it was female, which Tracy reassured us it was by asking the cat, named Susie if she wanted to play too. "I'd rather have some fine wet food and a nap. I could care less about this Cupcake of yours." Susie scoffed, her nose turned up to the ceiling. Tracy shrugged and then opened the final crate and a black cat crawled out, this cat was a noticeably smaller than the rest of the bunch and also had a green collar with a tiny silver bell around its neck. "Would you like to play hide and seek with Cupcake too, Timmy?" Tracy asked the small black cat. "I'm still looking for him, but I must say I'm a bit worried though, shouldn't he have given up already?" said the large grey cat.

"I don't know, Chunky, but Cupcake will come around eventually, just wait a while." said Tracy.

"What's hide and seek?" asked Timmy shyly

"A kitten's game that we should have no time playing" Susie replied.

"Oh shush, Susie, you'll ruin the game that way, Tracy said as she looked around in slight worry for Cupcake.

Where did Cupcake go? What was the tightness in his little chest? Find out tomorrow, readers.

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