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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Story day 2

The next morning Tracy got up from her bed and exited her bedroom to find Cupcake curled up outside her door sleeping. Tracy then knelt down and gently nudged the little guy to wake him and he sure enough stirred. Getting up and arched his back while stretching his legs as far as he could before looking up at Tracy. "Good morning, Tracy" he said softly before looking around for any of the other cats.

"Is there something wrong, Cupcake? You were missing the entire day and you didn't greet any of your new friends." Tracy said, her voice still filled with worry for the little guy.

"They can't be my friends. They scare me." Cupcake replied, starting to visibly shake.

"Why not? They're other cats. Haven't you always wanted a playmate?"

"I've always had you, Tracy. Never any other cats. I just don't know how to react. I feel hurt just thinking about just meeting them. I've heard their voices and that's far enough for me. I just can not handle them, Tracy. I need help."

"Okay, tell me what happened yesterday."

"I smelled three new smells that I've never smelled before and then my chest just started tightening up and I felt short of breath. I just panicked over these new smells and this tightness and loss of breath and I just had to hide."

"Is there any way we can try to get you used to them?"

"Never. Not like this, Tracy. Just leave me alone now."

"Alright, you can have my room for the rest of the day then. I'll bring you some things later on. I'll have to go to work now. I'll tell the others to stay away and not to worry. I think I should get in contact with someone about this."

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